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Importance of lighting in the workplace

In todays work environment, it is important to create comfortable work environments to facilitate productivity and wellbeing of the staff. One of the ways to ensure staff wellbeing and productivity is to provide adequate lighting in the work environment. Artificial lighting has become the main source of illumination in the workplace. However, for the wellbeing […]

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4 Reasons to Include Art in The Office

Throughout ages, art has been an important source of communication. In today’s fast paced work environment companies are using art as a medium to increase productivity, reduce stress of overworked employees, integrate better communication, brand values, and make the workplace more enjoyable. Vital artforms to include in any workspace are sculptures, wall-art, paintings, fun graphic, […]

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What makes a successful city?

By 2050, three quarters of the world’s population will be living in cities. This will put a lot of pressure on cities, as they will have to expand to accommodate the increase in population. Currently, cities consume 75% of the world’s resources. This will definitely go up. What’s more, cities are responsible for 75% of […]

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