Africa being a large and a variegated continent; has given us some of the utmost interior designs and trends. Contemporary furniture designs along with traditional African craftsmanship has been among the prevalent home décor trend. It has been in vogue lately in the European home furnishing markets. African inspired furniture is all about amalgamation of present-day design aesthetic with the cultural exquisiteness of Africa’s tribal heritage. It can be imaginative and at the same time inspirational. Universal minimal design, audacious graphics, strong shapes and skilled artistry, African inspired furniture and décor is making their grand leeway into our homes.

Read on to know 4 finest African inspired furniture trends to follow

Dark Wooden Carved Furniture

Dark wooden carved, angular furniture is the characteristic aspect of African interiors which represents simplicity yet roughness. The high-end artisanal wooden carving and traditional African subtle motifs filled with old significance with history being the substantial element. Statement furniture pieces like African stools, small circular tables, cabinets, and ottomans in hues like dark browns, black and sunburnt earth are the best examples of African furniture. Apart from bamboo and items furnished with dark brown leather wrought-iron and wicker furniture also looks great.

Image credit: mydecorplan

Rattan Woven Chairs & Baskets

African style furniture usually has a distinct rattan weaving. Traditional patterned woven sofas and lounge chairs are integral element of patio settings. Another significant part is the iconic Butterfly Chair or Triplolina chair which has been tantamount with African safari style since 19th century. Flawless as a statement chair, it can be placed anywhere in the home to evoke African atmospheres. Woven baskets inspired from outmoded rituals such as braiding can create extensive African-boho look. Apart from that, huge timber trunks and hanging frames with angular shelves are also used as décor items.

Image credits: kazigoods

Natural Upholstery

The true essence of African furniture is in amalgamation. Colourful lounge chairs along with tribal patterned throw pillows and cushions in natural fibres look beautiful. Woven mud cloth and raffia printed throw pillows are perfect for rustic carefree settings. Other décor pieces such as picturesque upholstered arm chairs, table cloths and curtains in assortment of hues from earthy, neutral tones, submissive orange to contemporary black and white can also refashion those ethnic-Afro vibes.

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Bold Geometric Patterned Rugs

Geometric patterned and African wax printed rugs also known as Ankara and Dutch wax prints, are prevalent in furnishing industry globally. Handwoven rugs in rich dark shades with bold geometric patterns or discrete motifs such as elephant can add a distinct African touch to any room. Moreover, a specific kind of wedding blanket known as Fulani can also serves the purpose of rugs. Usually, male weavers from the Fulani tribe in the northern parts of Nigeria, weave this astounding tapestry.

Image credit: rugsdirect

It is not a bad idea to introduce a dash of African extravagance to your home this season by adorning your space with some unique African furniture items or tapestry. What do you say?


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