Throughout ages, art has been an important source of communication. In today’s fast paced work environment companies are using art as a medium to increase productivity, reduce stress of overworked employees, integrate better communication, brand values, and make the workplace more enjoyable. Vital artforms to include in any workspace are sculptures, wall-art, paintings, fun graphic, literature, film and music.

4 Reasons to include artworks at workspace

Increased Productivity

The existence of artworks at workplace spurs the casual communication amongst colleagues and mends the communication gap between them. Conversations are not restricted under formal pressure. This helps originate new ideas and unusual solutions to complicated issues, improved information handing and management, as well as better detail orientation. Office artwork provides employees more regulation over their work atmosphere thus, changing the mood from being overworked to being productive.

Spurs Creativity

Artworks can work efficiently on exposing one’s imaginative and artistic possibilities, initiating meaningful discussions.  It induces curiosity, inspiration and involvement. Specifically; abstract artwork works best for combined workspaces where initiation and imagination are essential aspects of doing business. Artworks at workplace makes them more approachable to new idea and concepts. Creative spaces lead to creative work.

Decrease Stress

Workspaces usually encompasses high-stress level surroundings as employees are always involved with steady work. Specific artworks practically have a substantial calming effect on minds which not only reduce stress, anger levels but also aids reinstate employees’ mental peace and vigor.

Induce Positivity

Diverse hues influence people’s mood, expand efficiency, concentration and upsurge brain movement. Colorful artworks bring positive vibes and make the workspace influential for employees to bring out the best of their capabilities. Lively artworks are predominantly apt for lounge areas, cafeterias and receptions as they are one of the excellent mediums to set the drift for the entire conversation.

Functional Purpose

Offices are usually dull and monotonous in terms of their construction. Dull conference rooms, communal areas, partitions and lobbies can devastate most of the individuals. Creative, fun graphic artworks can be used to define work areas and different divisions in the office therefore serving the functional purpose.

Brand Identity

Customized artworks play a significant part in creating a brand’s image. Whether logos or corporate colors, artworks mainly represent the core values and principles of the brand. Major giants like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook are supreme examples.


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