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Wettech Africa: Water treatment plant designers

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Wastewater treatment is important to ensure availability of water for communities and cleanliness of environment. More than ever before, urban environments need more wastewater treatment engagements, considering the pressures of urbanization, growth of slums, and population such as increased need for cleaner water.

Wettech Africa offers decentralised wastewater treatment options for lodges, private homes and developments with no connection to municipal sewer lines. The treated water can be reused on-site for various purposes including irrigation, washing cars, and other recreational needs, thus saving a precious water resource and cost. Their treatment options are tailor-made to suit the client’s need and to abide by the local effluent discharge legislation.

They also assist in application for a water handling/treatment license. This often includes a drafting of a detailed Water Quality Management Report. They have process engineers with experience in designing above-ground and underground treatment plants depending on your needs, they also offer readymade plants.

Wettech Africa is currently installing an advanced-technology Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) plant at Fourways Junction Housing Estate in Nairobi on Kiambu Road. This is 0.8Ml/day plant, rumoured to be first of its kind in East Africa and offers effluent of high quality that can be used for irrigation without putting the population at risk.

They recently installed a new STP at ISK known as Fusion Clarus. This is a product made in Japan and in collaboration with USA. This plant is first of its kind in East Africa.

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