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Ways of Cutting Concrete Units

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Precaution: Wear safety aids such as eye protection, gloves, ear protection and respirator (if using a powered saw).


Chisel and Hammer

1. Using Chisel and Hammer

  • Use pencil or chalk and a straight edge to mark trim lines around the entire concrete unit,
  • Chisel marked lines around the block 1/8” deep with masonry and chisel
  • Strike firmly with the chisel and hammer to break the units along the marked lines.

However, using a chisel and hammer will give a rough, jagged cut.



2. Using Powered Saw

  • Use a straight edge and chalk or pencil to mark trim lines on the concrete unit.
  • Start saw and line up marks with saw blade (Carefully ease unit into the cut).
  • Take your time and don’t try to go too fast.
  • Make sure the saw stops completely before moving the cut unit.

Using powered saw will give a clean, accurate cut.

Powered Saw

3. Using a Splitter

  • Mark trim line on concrete unit.
  • Insert unit into the splitter and line the trim mark with top and bottom angled edges.
  • Tighten down the top jaw by spinning the two handles in a clockwise direction until the concrete unit is firmly situated between the two.
  • Once secure, pull down on the splitting lever until the concrete unit splits.

A splitter will give a fairly accurate, but jagged cut.

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