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Urbanization in Morroco: Zenata city

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Known for her economic performance in recent years, the Kingdom of Morocco has launched a series of structural reforms which include: housing, infrastructure, industry. There is an upgrade in infrastructure to meet international standards and several targets have been set for the years to come. The Kingdom launched a development program that includes: 14 international airports, 1,800 km of highways by 2015, the first TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, high-speed train) line for 2016 and the creation of 15 new cities before 2020.

zenata city

The new city of Zenata located in Ain Harrouda, north of Casablanca aims to accommodate 300,000 people by 2030. The urban concept plans to build housing for the middle class and relocate 7000 families from slums. An area of 78 hectares  is provided for ​​modern industrial relocation. About 470 acres of green space which represents 30% of the territory of the city is set aside for green spaces, parks and ecological corridors to promote biodiversity. Basins of water are also retained to provide for the wet seasons.

Collective mobility: To limit the use of cars and provide collective mobility, there is a multi -modal station with bus, taxi, train, tram.

Slum upgrade: About 2,400 apartments are planned to accommodate slum households. The apartments go for 250,00 درهم (dirhams). The beneficiaries who are people who work on farms around the country, and have no land or real estate will pay a subsidized sum of 100,000 dirhams.




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