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Types of Roofs for your Home (1)

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Many of us move into homes that have already been built, many don’t pay attention to the roof they live under. Nevertheless, if you have plans to renovate your house or  build a new house, there are various types of roofs you could choose from. Continue reading…

Flat Roof

1. Flat Roof: Very easy to identify given the name. This kind of roof is easy to construct, accessible and safe to stand on. The disadvantage is that this type of roof requires more maintenance than other roofs because debris will gather on the roof with nowhere to go.

Skillion Roof

2. Skillion Roof: You can think of it as a flat roof that has been slanted or one half of a triangular roof. It is often used on just a portion of the home. This option is suitable for roofing a multi-level home to create unique shapes and patterns for the home’s exterior.

Pyramid Roof

3. Pyramid Roof: Shaped like a pyramid, this kind of roof is usually used on small structures such as a pool house or a garage.

Hip roof

4. Hip Roof: Very similar to the pyramid roof; the difference is that instead of coming to a point at the top, the four sides meet at a ridge or a flat spot like as seen below.

Bonnet Roof

5. Bonnet Roof: This type of room is similar to the pyramid roof or hip roof. The difference is that two of the slides slope out an angle. This is used to cover a veranda or outdoor porch area.




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