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A luxury kitchen is one which combines aesthetic design with great furniture and appliances to aid its functionality, and to inspire seamless culinary activities.

In this article, we bring you some of the latest kitchens trends with state of the art fittings and fixtures, and time-saving appliances and amenities to make your happy space both functional and welcoming.

This simple but gorgeous beauty is adorned with travertine wall, which adds some aesthetic texture to the smooth surfaces, a floor to ceiling storage with multiple ovens, fridge and freezer drawers within the island, a cool range hood, an extra large sink, and an induction cook top. The design is altogether adorable, and inviting to any home chef.

Sometimes, less is more in kitchen designs, and you can still make a bold luxury statement even with small spaces. Small as it is, this luxury kitchen has been designed with a large curvilinear counter which accommodate dual sinks, split gas cooktops, a commercial facet service, leaving the kitchen visually open to adjoining space. The white colour allows more light and this gives an illusion of space, making culinary activities all the more enticing. No better way to maximize you small space we must say.

If you have a closed up space without room for windows then the kitchen must be innovatively designed to draw light from other sources. It must also be fitted with finishing to give an illusion of light, like this loft and high rise condo no-window kitchen design. Aqua glass tiles and Scandinavian blond wood are great for the lighting effect as used in this design. Natural illumination is imitated with a mix of reflective tiles, recessed fixtures and light cabinetry.

Residential galley kitchen designs are used in apartments with space constraint. A gallery kitchen typically has he cooking unit to one side and the sink on the other side to allow for easy access to everything while cooking. Design elements like light flooring, mirrors, backsplash materials, reflective surfaces and open shelving are normally incorporated to give an illusion of space in Gallery kitchens.

This luxury kitchen is a real indoor-outdoor cooking space as it takes full advantage of the awesome outdoors, with its colour palates matching the size patio and landscape. The modern kitchen takes full advantage of the great outdoors, and its narrow configuration, floor to ceiling doors add to the overall experience.

This classy design with touches of red lavishly incorporated into the design is enough poof that a kitchen cannot be too colorful. Red compliments whit and stainless, and the colour is used in every aspect, from the dining area to the tile grout.

Can black be successfully incorporated into a kitchen design? As can be seen in this image, black is the new white. The shiny black colour with the pendant lighting add to the ambience of the kitchen, creating an elegant attention grabbing outlook.

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