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Top 5 TED talks for Business Owners

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For more than 30 years, entrepreneurs, CEOs and generally pretty clever people have come together at TED conferences to share their business advice and wisdom through short, powerful talks. These talks are then broadcast online so everyone, including businesses like yours, can gain access via laptop or smartphone to benefit from the speakers’ knowledge and experiences. RBS England and Scotland’s HR Business Partner, Gill Kerr explains how she follows the TED Conferences group on LinkedIn. “I tend to access the talks from there as it’s more convenient and easier to find the subjects that interest me.”

Originally, TED talks focused on technology, entertainment and design, however now they cover more than 100 different subjects. “The range of topics is fantastic, everything from research about the key factors for happiness, to the future of the workplace,” says Kerr. Usually just a few minutes in length, these talks are truly inspirationally and motivating, but with thousands to choose from, how do you find the one that’s going to be worthwhile for you and your business? Well, we’ve done the hard work for you and identified five TED talks that will expand your thinking and may even teach you a new skill or two.

Bill Gross: The Single Biggest Reason Why Start-Ups Succeed

This enlightening TED talk by the Idealab founder discusses the main factors behind a business’ success, and also why some companies are destined to fail. Using data gathered from more than 100 start-ups, including his own, Gross was able to pinpoint the single most important factor needed for a business to make it. Kerr recalls her response to this TED talk: “It readjusted and addressed my thinking about the processes of business and how it’s the timing and not the idea that makes it a success. It was truly eye-opening.” Have you considered if your clients are ready for your business or product? Listen to this TED talk and find out.

Nilofer Merchant: Got a Meeting? Take a Walk

We love this idea put forward by an entrepreneur, as it’s so simple! She suggests that meetings can be made more dynamic and productive if you take the meeting out of the office and go for a walk instead. A walking meeting can invigorate and refresh your ideas, while also helping you to think outside the ‘meeting room’ box – quite literally. Listen to this TED talk and take heed – your next catch up could be a stroll to the local coffee shop and back to discuss progress.

Richard St. John: 8 Secrets of Success

It goes without saying that, as a business owner, your main goal is for your company to be a success. But how do you get there? Is it pure luck or do you have to be super intelligent? In this TED talk, analyst St. John manages to condense years of research and interviews into a short three-minute talk and identifies eight reasons why you’re sure to be a success. They include drive, passion, focus and being pretty good at what you do.

Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

The title may seem a little mind-boggling, but actually the premise behind this TED talk makes complete sense. Software entrepreneur, Fried, believes meetings involve too many people not doing any work and talking about what they should be doing later. Passive communication, like email and instant messaging, is the way forward he suggests, so that it doesn’t interrupt work flow and can be turned off when necessary. And what about the idea of ‘No Talk Thursdays’? Just imagine how much work you’d get done!

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Finally, we picked this thought-provoking talk by a motivational speaker to inspire your leadership and management skills. From encouraging creativity to displaying a positive attitude, Sinek believes you can become a better leader and inspire your colleagues by implementing simple yet effective strategies in your daily tasks.

What TED talks have motivated you and your business practices? Share your experiences in the Comments section.

This story was written by the Houzz Industry Marketing team.

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