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Tips for achieving success as an Architect

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The list gives some pointers that will certainly help young students and graduates, but may well be useful to some of the not-so-young practitioners who need to refocus on what’s important.

1. Get started on your career pathThis can be achieved by working towards licensure.

2. Networking: Get to know a number of people in the Architecture community and allied fields (all ages and experience levels). Don’t underestimate the value of membership in associations and networking opportunities

3. Be patient: Don’t get upset by clients that think they know everything about architecture. Be a professional. Remember that you were educated as an ARCHITECT (not him/her).

4. Don’t Burn Bridges: The architectural world is way too small. Your actions and decisions will be remembered.

5. Look Out for #1It is your career and yours alone. Make sure you are getting the appropriate experience, opportunities and compensation.

6. Voice Your OpinionsThe best ideas are never incorporated into projects unless they are heard, presented, and defended. Many processes in firms and details on projects can be improved if you simply point out a better solution to decision makers. An improvement is always appreciated by principals and clients.

7. Design your career and position: Unique jobs/positions continually reflect on your experiences to determine what you really want to do. Make career decisions to attain this position.

8. Be Different: Develop your unique skills and abilities. Demonstrate how they make you a better employee and contributor. Potentially utilize these skills to go out on your own.

9. Never confuse an internship with full-time employment An internship introduces you to how a firm and projects work full-time, employment mandates responsibility for your work and productivity (deadlines).

10. Be technology-orientedYou must stay at the forefront of technology. Volunteer to learn new software and lead firm implementation.

11. SustainabilityIf you endeavor to learn a lot about sustainability while in school, you will be able to share your knowledge with current practitioners and become peers. Take the sustainability lead within your firm.

12. Build community: Only 2% can afford the services of an architect. What are you doing to help the other 98%? Get involved in your community.

13. Save the profession: Architects are not compensated fairly because the general public doesn’t value (or know) what we do. Teach-Share-Show-Demonstrate to others how we improve the world.

14. Education does not end in schoolContinually learn to stay at the forefront of materials, systems and technology.

15. MentorHelp teach the next generation. You will learn something in the process, and be reminded why you joined this profession.

16. Never Get GrumpyContinually be inspired by the next generation and harness their optimism and energy. Be a POSITIVE and optimistic employee.

17. Fix SomethingThe world is full of problems. Choose one or two things, and fix them.

18. Complete the Task:  You set out to become an Architect. Keep your eyes on the prize!!!

The easiest building to design is a box, but Architects don’t design boxes. Architecture is about serving others through the design of the built environment. Make sure your work is the best it can be through its service to others and contribution to a more sustainably built world.

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