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The new headquarters for Central Bank of Libya

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The competition to design the headquarters of the Central Bank of Libya was won by Henning Larsen Architects agency. The new headquarters is meant to be a symbol of the new Libya for both the local population and the international community.

Inspired by the Libyan vernacular architecture, this project intends to use two existing underground cavities. At the first level, it will create an “oasis shade”, which will benefit both users of the bank and the whole Gurji neighborhood with different equipment: education center, restaurant, hotel. The second underground cavity will provide vehicular access to the vault of the main bank.

The purified form of the building and the distribution of structural elements allow multiple organizations plan. The building has four technical cores, which makes the structure more rigid. The plan can be divided into four modules, each with its own core services, and they can easily be combined to form a larger office space.

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