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Technical Apps for Architects (2)

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6. AUTOCAD360(formerly AutoCAD WS): This app allows you to view and edit 2D or 3D drawings and. It also allows files to work seamlessly between a whole range of devices and platforms.

7. iRhino3D / Droid Rhino: Although these two apps are created by different developers, they both serve to view models created in Rhino3D on the go. They feature the abilities to pan, zoom and orbit around complex 3D models before sampling and sharing them.

8. Sketch Mobile Viewer: This app allows for “on the go” access to SKP files. In addition, users have full access to browse and download every file on their 3D Warehouse.

9. AutoDesk FormIt: This app allows the use of real-world site information to help create forms in context and support early design decisions with real building data. Designed to create a continuous Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow with Revit, this app is both stable and technically refined.

10. PadCAD: Designed for small drafting projects, remodeling projects and site surveys, PadCAD produces “clean, clear drawings” from scratch, with the ability to then export them into a professional desktop CAD application.

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