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TANZANIA: Plans to construct iron ore mining and smelting plants in full gear

The National Development Corporation (NDC) has announced plans to start local commercial production of iron ore and steel by construction of related smelting plants. The country is also expecting to produce 1.1 million metric tones per year, with the first production expected in four years. China International Mineral Resources Limited (TCIMRL) and NDC have entered […]

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Recycling: An economical means on the construction site

Recycling can have a great effect on the planet in many different ways. It involves the reuse of some construction products, and will involve the designers to think about how to use the recyclable materials when constructing buildings. Metals are known to be infinitely recyclable. This is why they are ideal for use in construction. They can be […]

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Steel reinforcement versus Bamboo

The use of steel-reinforced concrete in building is widespread all around the world. Many developing countries use about 90% and 80% of the cement and steel consumed by the global construction sector respectively. Out of the 54 African nations, only two produce steel; leaving the other 52 countries to compete in the global market for […]

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