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EGYPT: Nuclear power plant to be constructed by 2016

Vladimir Putin- Russian’s President made an agreement with Egyptian President- Abdel Fattah el-Sisi during his visit to Egypt in February to build a nuclear power plant in the country. The project is expected to kick off in 2016 through 2021. Russia, China and South Korea are in competition to win the tender for the construction […]

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EGYPT: Pyramid-inspired skyscraper to be built in Cairo

Plans to construct a 200-metre-high skyscraper: The Zayed Crystal Spark has been revealed by the Government of Egypt. The 49-storey building tower would be a composed of two pyramids, thereby surpassing the 143-metre-high Ministry of Foreign Affairs by over 50 metres and making it the country’s tallest building. Although the name of the architect involved […]

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina- An architectural splendor

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina also known as Alexandrian Library was first built in 288 BC at Alexandria a major city in northern Egypt, about 181 kilometres away from modern day Cairo. The library had religious significance, as it was originally a temple with a huge collection of religious manuscripts and rare copies of the Qur’an. The […]

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