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David Adjaye unveils designs for children’s cancer treatment centre in Rwanda

The architect, who was born in Tanzania, is designing the Gahanga International Children’s Cancer Hospital for a four-hectare site in Gahanga, a region to the south of Rwandan capital Kigali. sign Group, a nonprofit US firm, plans to start an architecture and design training centre in Kigali, Rwanda, to help address the “dearth of professional […]

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High hopes as David Adjaye sets to construct pavilion in South Africa

The founder and director of DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA (D_ZA)- a non-profit organisation has conceived a project to boost civic upgrade. The project would be executed by David Adjaye in collaboration with the Johannesburg Development Agency(JDA). ‘The pavilion’ is to be built within the city’s park station, drawing attention to the region’s historical significance and resuscitating an unemployed public space. […]

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