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Nigeria: Federal Government takes over Lagos-Badagry expressway

The Federal Government of Nigeria recently disclosed plans to take charge of the reconstruction and expansion of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. The road which stretches from Iganmu to Badagry (suburbs in the Lagos Metropolis) was planned, designed and built by the Lagos State Government. The road was taken over by the Federal Government in the 1974 absorption of roads […]

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How to put Pebbles on Cement Steps

Things needed: Dust mask, wheelbarrow, white sand, cement, water, garden hoe, trowel or wooden plank, pebbles, soft-britled brush, rubber mallet, bucket, hose with misting. Introduction: 1. Prepare pebble paver mix: Combine four parts white sand with one part cement in the wheelbarrow, and then mix. Add very small amounts of water when necessary to keep the […]

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