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Top Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Architects

The world is moving at a pace that would have seemed impossible a century ago. The office has gone beyond the physical space. For the modern day architect, the office is anywhere work gets done, anywhere being everywhere—within walls, in the open fields, during transit, anywhere an enterprising architect can find space to sit or […]

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Technical Apps for Architects (2)

Did you miss the first part of this article?, click HERE 6. AUTOCAD360(formerly AutoCAD WS): This app allows you to view and edit 2D or 3D drawings and. It also allows files to work seamlessly between a whole range of devices and platforms. 7. iRhino3D / Droid Rhino: Although these two apps are created by different developers, […]

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Technical Apps for Architects (1)

Looking for software packages to use for designing, sketching, calculating and collaborating, then check out the following applications: 1. Arrette Scale: Arrette is an iPad app for designers who want to draw free hand while maintaining a measurable drawing scale. For iPad, iOS 6 and iOS 7. Arrette provides the platform to begin design work and […]

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