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Handrails in Staircase Design

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Staircases can add to the aesthetics of a luxury home. Gone are the days when they only serve as elevators; staircase designs have evolved over the years to become one of the most attention grabbing sections of any home.

Although, there are divers staircase designs, one of the most important aspects of any staircase that makes it unique and outstanding is the handrail.

Apart from safety functions, the handrail is used to make bold design statements in staircase designs. Handrail designs vary in shapes and sizes, and from simple, subtle and minimalist to very complex details that stand out. Handrails are usually made from wood or metal, and they can be made to assume artistic looks.

Metal handrails


Metal handrails often look very formal and industrial, but there are also some very lovely and attention grabbing designs. Chromed metal handrails are very sleek in appearance, giving the impression of elegance and class, but they can prove difficult to work into other aspects of decors.

Wooden Handrails

Wooden handrails are very chic, and can assume many elegant designs. Unlike chromed metal, wooden handrails are easy to integrate into the overall décor, for instance, wooden handrail colours can be made to match with stairs, flooring, doors frames and other décor details. They can also be minimalistic in design.

Artful handrails

The handrail also provides the opportunity for artistic designs in interiors. Artistic handrails can be sculpted as part of the wall to give a floating effect as shown in the image below. They can also be made from glass and they can be minimalistic, but in all cases, they add elegance to simple staircases.


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