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SOUTH AFRICA: Two solar plants to be developed

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To help improve on the concentration of solar capacity in South Africa, the Department of Energy has named two additional solar power projects: the Kathu Solar Park and Redstone Solar Thermal Project. They are expected to both have a capacity of 100MW. This will add to the other five active CSP projects that are being pursued by Independent Power Producers in the Northern Cape Province.

Located in Postmasburg, Redstone Solar Thermal Power Project will be developed by Solar Reserve from the US and Saudi Arabian company ACWA Power. This project will include tower configuration and a molten- salt energy storage technology which will allow 12hours of full load energy storage. It is scheduled to start operations early 2018.

Kathu Solar Park on the other hand will be developed by Lereko Metier, Public Investment Corporation (PIC), Investec Bank and Sishen Iron Ore Company Community Development Trust. These companies will be led by GDF SUEZ. This Park will incorporate a parabolic trough technology and a molten-salt storage system that will make it possible to store 4.5 hours thermal energy.

The addition of storage space to the projects will enable the dispatchment of power easily.

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