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Sliding Room Dividers

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Sliding room dividers are preferred over walls because they make various space design options possible, being flexible. With them, you can open and close spaces up as you wish. And because they’re flexible, you can have all the space you want while still enjoying the privacy you need.

Sliding room dividers can either be floor-to-ceiling or partial.

Floor-to-ceiling dividers cover the entire space while partial dividers only give partial cover.

Sliding dividers can be used to separate any two spaces. For example the kitchen from bar area, living room from the kitchen area, the bedroom from work space, to divide a spacious home office into smaller zones etc.. As shown in the images below.

The beautiful thing is that the dividers can be removed and the spaces closed up to achieve a bigger space as required.

Sliding glass dividers come handy for such uses, however, another option is the sliding barn door.

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