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Sidama huts in Ethiopia

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Bamboo once played an important role in the rural economies of East Africa but indiscriminate clearing of natural bamboo forests have resulted in losing natural resources and many of the traditional building skills.

The Sidama hut is a traditional split bamboo plaited roundhouse by people of Ethiopia. The dome, with its pointy top, is designed to shed heavy rainfall where a circular dome would have a flat region prone to leaks. The lush indigenous trees and expansive green meadows give a feeling of homeliness.

It’s roof, wall, door, window, ceiling are all from Bamboo tree- native to tropical and semitropical areas. The beauty of the house from outside and inside reflect the skill and talent of the local Sidama engineers.

The traditional house have two internal partitions. The partitions are known as Aldio and Holgie. Aldio is again arranged into two partitions knows as Bosalo and Hadiro. Bosalo serves as a reception room, fireplace and sometimes place to sleep(for guests and children). The other section can be used as Ma’na (bed room), working place and store.

Sidama traditional house foundation and inauguration are accompanied with festivity. For example; married men and women dance during inauguration.

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