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Safety Grills Option for Doors and Windows

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Windows and side doors are prime targets for potential intruders to force entry into any property. It is however vital to add that extra layer of security.  Installing a range of security gates and grilles help to improve the security of most vulnerable points of entry without affecting the aesthetics.

The needs for safety grills are manifold.  They allow fresh air into your space and impart a classic, ornate look to it. For homes with kids, safety grills help protect them from unforeseen dangers like toppling over.

Below is a list of window and door grill options that you can choose from.

Aluminum: Aluminum has high tensile strength and is lightweight as compared to iron grills. It is non-corrosive, strong and durable, aluminum grills will provide safety and security to your space at almost no cost of maintenance.

Wrought iron/ Steel: Steel and wrought iron are grill options that provide an elegant solution for safety and security for your home. These come in various kinds of designs to provide a lovely look to your doors and windows.

Iron grills: Iron grills are prone to oxidation and rust because they are constantly in contact with oxygen. They work best when mixed with other metals, because iron is strong and sturdy as a metal in itself and provides security to your home.

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