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Recycling: An economical means on the construction site

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Recycling can have a great effect on the planet in many different ways. It involves the reuse of some construction products, and will involve the designers to think about how to use the recyclable materials when constructing buildings.

Metals are known to be infinitely recyclable. This is why they are ideal for use in construction. They can be recycled over and over again, and still be as good as new. Simply by recycling, primary resources of the planet can be saved, wastes can be eliminated and reduced. There is also a reduction in the amount of carbon emissions being released into the air.

Steel has been known to be recycled since it was first mass-produced in the 1880s, and still holds a high economic value. Even the price that is paid for scrap structural steel is relatively high. This is because even though it is scrap material, it can still be re-manufactured into something new for a construction site.

Reusing products can be done with little to no reprocessing of the material. The practice of reuse can be even more beneficial to the planet because there are not environmental impacts when reprocessing the material. An example of this is reusing a steel beam. Being able to reuse the beam will save energy costs of re-melting it and recasting it.

Other recyclable materials include: bricks, cobblestone, reclaimed timber, reclaimed flooring, railway sleepers.

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