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Reasons why you should learn photoshop as an architect

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1. Break out of the norm: The way your project looks can make the difference between a successful presentation or a ok one. First impressions count and clients sometimes have hard time reading a building plan. Instead of having black & white page layouts for your project presentations, go the extra mile and give it some colour.

2. Errors get fixed easily: Using photoshop a simple error can be fixed in under 3 minutes, by simply erasing that error or using the clone tool and clicking save.

3. You enhance and fine tune your renders: You can make your renders look a lot more interesting, in just 5 minutes. This helps you sell your vision, thus having a small advantage over the competition, since clients mostly care about price & how it looks.

4. You get into different niches: Photoshop lets you explore  different niches that you might have not known too much about like graphic & print design, architecture visualization, photo retouching,digital & matte painting. Thus helping you create additional revenue sources as well as making it future proof when it comes to careers.

5. You get your own superpower: Once some time has passed and you’ve gained enough experience you can simply look at an image and see how it was done, letting you reproduce the effect to your own renders or projects as well as see what the original image was.

6. You work faster & smarter: Photoshop let’s you create something that in a 3D software would take hours, in just a few minutes, thus meeting deadlines.

7. You present your final project in stunning professional ways: Be it for your online or offline portfolio, Photoshop let’s you create professional presentations of your project using existing product mockups.Mockups is a growing trend in the web industry, where you place your project in a easy to edit image, to make it look real. For example you could use your renders or projects plans be display them as if were showcased in a gallery or like a person is holding your project, thus making your project presentation, look more professional.

8. You express yourself in a multitude of ways: It allows you to create your own render or presentation style, that will set you apart and attract clients. The true beauty of photoshop is that anything can be achieved in multiple ways, and sometimes some of these unique visual styles start trending and become a new visual styles.

9. It has become a industry standard: Most companies use Photoshop to achieve different things, like creating layouts, renders, site plans, brochures,etc. However this Adobe product is the only one that’s been an industry standard and leader in the 2D industry, being the only software that’s used constantly by studios, making it a timeless option.

10. It’s universal: You can apply your skills to a wide variety of things such as creating your personal logo & business cards, portfolio, covers,brochures.


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