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Reasons Architectural CAD Outsourcing Services Must be Accurate In Estimation

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As against popular belief, the job of Architectural CAD outsourcing services should not be restricted to the production of architectural designs and drawings and helping contractors in the construction of the building structure. Special attention should be placed on the following aspects to obtain all-round accuracy:

Importance of BOQ and cost estimation: Bills of quantities and cost estimation form a very important part of the construction process. No matter how good the design is, a project can never be undertaken unless the clients know how much the building is going to cost them. At least a ball-park figure must be known once the working drawings are completed before work can begin on the building site. There are several reasons why the accuracy of these estimations is so vital for both the designers and the clients.

Loss of time: If the Architectural CAD outsourcing services fail to provide an accurate cost estimation to the clients, they will be in the dark about the exact amount of money they are going to need for the project. This might result in the loss of time because of stoppage of work midway as has been the case in several projects. Similarly, construction process could get delayed in several cases if the material estimates are inaccurate and the required materials are not supplied to the work site in time.

Client dissatisfaction: It is essential to ensure that the material quantities and cost of the project are calculated fairly accurately. If this is not done, this causes dissatisfaction among the clients and results in huge losses in terms time and money.

Loss of credibility: If timely completion of the project and the satisfaction of the clients is not ensured, this could result in the loss of credibility for the Architectural CAD outsourcing services. A careful and honest effort at providing accurate bills of quantities and cost estimations to clients is imperative.

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