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X99 Haworth Task Chair

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Design Meets Performance

Stimulate your body and mind with a chair that is both captivating and stylish, X99 Task works more like a partner than a piece of furniture. It’s supportive, active, familiar—beautifully designed and ergonomically engineered for one body type – yours. Germany’s ITO Design created X99 in order to maintain the highest level of performance.


Smarter Lumbar

Eschewing typical lumbar design, the X99 Task strives to meet the needs of the most demanding users. The amount of support and be dialed in, and the height can be adjusted to ensure that support is in just the right spot.

A Chair that Encourages Wellness

The X99 Task chair encourages wellness with superior ergonomic options to keep you feeling comfortable and focused on the longest work days. Even in its simplest form, this chair features a waterfall front edge that serves to relieve pressure on the back of your thighs and knees ensuring that your blood flow goes unrestricted and you do not fall victim to fatigue and pain.

Improve Your Posture

The X99 Task chair’s soft and breathable mesh back promotes a comfortable working posture. This chair is able to recline 24 degrees and allows you to regulate the amount of resistance felt when leaning back. This allows pressure relief on your tailbone and lower back. The X99 Task is also available with a lumbar adjustment that can be adjusted by height and depth, offering excellent back support.

Just Your Type

The beauty of the X99 task is the vast amount of adjustments available to cater to all shapes, sizes, and work styles. This chair has a 5″ vertical height adjustment, as well as an adjustable seat to meet the needs of those with short or longer than average legs. Even more, this chair is available with multi-dimensional arms that move up, down, backwards, forwards, and pivot in and out 30 degrees. This is crucial to ensure that your arms are positioned correctly according to what you are doing at your desk.


Source: Haworth


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