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Tarkett Safety Flooring

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Slips, trips and falls is the number one cause of injury in the workplace and equates for over 37 million accidents worldwide, or 40% of all reported major injuries, according to the Health and Safety Executive. Tarkett Safety Flooring with its increased embossing can prevent accidents, ensure overall safety for areas and reduce risk – making it the perfect choice for all establishments.


Tarkett Safety Flooring is sustainable. Meaning its slip resistance will last the entire lifetime of the product and not just until the surface layer wears away. Heavy duty, and even easier to clean and maintain thanks to the new ‘Smart Particle’ Technology, Tarkett offers R10 and R11 Safety floors in classes A, B and C – meaning even when wet they offer increased slip resistance to the user.

The Safetred ION Contrast, Safetred ION Linen, Safetred Naturals and NEW Safetred Wood collections all offer a modern, contemporary twist on traditional safety flooring designs and colour palates – meaning you can now achieve the desired domestic feel to your public or private institutions.

Looking for something super quick and convenient? Why not try our unique Safetred Spectrum or Safetred Universal tiles. They combine anti-slip properties with convenience for added ease of transport and installation.


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