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KONE Polaris – Destination lifts

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Imagine smart, easy-to-use-elevators in better organized lobbies. Imagine orderly boarding, uncrowded cars, shorter travel times, and fewer unnecessary stops. KONE Polaris makes all of this a reality. Simply select a destination floor and enjoy the perfect elevator experience.


KONE Polaris – an effortless elevator experience

Unlike conventional elevator control systems, which only register the desired travel direction, the KONE Polaris Destination Control System (DCS) incorporates desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to significantly improve elevator convenience and efficiency.

This additional information leads to increased handling capacity, shorter journey times, fewer intermediate stops, and enhanced passenger comfort. The significantly improved system performance is most evident during intense traffic periods and rush hours, when traditional control systems struggle to cope with the high volume of traffic.

Efficiency, comfort, and security

KONE Polaris brings benefits for all building stakeholders in all types of buildings, from large office buildings to hotels and residential complexes:

  • Increased efficiency for building owners
  • Increased comfort and reduced journey times for passengers
  • Increased security and peace of mind for residents


More for passengers throughout their journey

More handling capacity

The handling capacity of the elevator group is improved, especially during peak traffic periods such as the morning up-peaks common in office buildings.


Less waiting, fewer intermediate stops

KONE Polaris uses the information on the number of travelers and their destination floors to group together passengers with the same destination, leading to shorter transit times and fewer intermediate stops.


Improved comfort

Because passengers choose their destination floor before entering the elevator, they don’t need to struggle through a crowd to press a button inside the elevator car. And because the system knows the journey time from the operating panel to the car, passengers can take their time walking to their assigned elevator.


Better security

KONE Polaris enables the elevator system to be integrated with the building’s access control system. Occupants can use access cards and PIN codes, restricting unauthorized use of elevators significantly and adding to the security of the entire building.


Easier accessibility

For people who need more time and space, an accessibility function can be activated with a card reader or a special button. This gives passengers more time to reach the car, longer door dwell times, and, because fewer people will be assigned to that car, more space as well.


More personalization

KONE Polaris can be personalized to further increase passenger comfort. User-specific door times, automatic call allocation to passengers’ home floors, and audible passenger guidance all help make the KONE Polaris experience a uniquely personal one.


Enhanced guidance

The optional elevator destination indicator shows the selected destination floors. Only destinations from a passenger’s departure floor are shown, enabling them to quickly recheck that they are entering the right car.


More space

Because KONE Polaris assigns the correct number of passengers to each elevator and each car only serves a specific range


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