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Outdoor Lighting Types and Their Uses

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Elegant outdoor lighting fixtures are very refreshing to behold, especially at night. They serve both aesthetic and security purposes, and can be either seasonal (for instance, decorative Christmas lights) or built to last all the year round.

Lighting for patio, porches and landscapes areas make homes both safer and more attractive.

Types of Outdoor Lights and Their Uses:

1. Hanging Lights and Ceiling Lights are great for covered patios, entryways, porches and verandahs. They are built for damp locations, and are not usually exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Wall Lights are perfect for garages, entryways, porches and patios. They are durable and can be mounted on any vertical surface.

3. Security Lights are used for walkways, alleys and garages. Motion sensor lights are basically used for security uses, but some are also decorative. They are bright flood lights triggered by movement, and are used in high traffic areas to ward off intruders.

4. Pier Mount and Post Lights are best for patios, walkways and driveways. They are lights mounted on posts and are usually used in open air places. They are wet rated, and can withstand direct exposure to rain and moisture.

5. Dusk to Dawn/ Solar Lights have photo sensors which are sensitive to, and are automatically triggered by the rising and setting of the sun, thereby ensuring your outdoor light goes on only when required. They require no wiring expertise, and can be used for DIY projects.

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