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For several decades, there has been much talk about the “office of the future”, a futuristic design and arrangement of the everyday office. Microsoft, IBM and some other organisations have proposed designs that they claim would revolutionize the office as we presently know it. Despite the innovative designs, some persons still talk of the “future”, whereas for others, the future is already being unravelled. Here are three innovative designs that show what the future has in store.

Atholl Towers, Johannesburg: Symbol of Eco-friendliness

ALW Properties set out to build a looming green office space in South Africa’s Sandton City. The Atholl Towers blends architecture and engineering in an innovative mix that considered the environment in every step. The building’s AAA Grade office space is the recipient of a 5-Star Green Star SA Office Design V1 rating certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa.


Credit: ALW Properties

The building’s green technologies include a heat recovery VRV air conditioning system and energy-conscious elevators that use about 25% of the power used by conventional elevators. Its water system collects ground and rain water using water storage tanks capable of storing more than 40,000 litres. With 10,000 metres square of prime office space, the building’s innovative features use up to 50% less electrical and water resources, assuring reduced operating costs for occupants.

DFF Headquarters, Dubai: 3D-Printed Masterpiece

The headquarters of the Dubai Future Foundation is officially the first 3D-printed office in the world. The building, as the first product of Dubai’s 3D printing strategy, “showcases a modern model of construction”, “presenting to the world an experience on utilizing future technology in people’s lives”.

dubai 3d

DFF Building | Credit: gizmag

Designed by Gensler, the 2,600 square-foot building was printed using a 3D-printer that measured 120 by 40 by 20 feet, enabling a cut of more than 50% in labour cost. Using Chinese Company, WinSun’s tilt-up technology, the floor, walls and ceiling were printed in layers and then assembled on site. For ease of transport from China where they were printed, the modules were cut in half, for reassembly in Dubai.

The masterpiece has opened the doors to futuristic offices spaces that would be highly customizable to suit the preferences of an organisation and its employees.

CBRE HQ, Los Angeles: Office Without Borders


CBRE Open Office | Credit:

Real estate giants, CBRE, have a building that is the dream of employees seeking freedom from the boxed-in nature of contemporary office spaces. With no assigned desks, employees can sit anywhere to get important work done. At the end of the day, employees’ personal effects safely rest in high-school-size lockers. To create a paperless environment, employees are encouraged to do everything in a digital medium, resulting in a baggage-free workplace that is very efficient, and 83% of the employees feeling more productive. The borderless design has also allowed CBRE to accommodate more employees per square feet. Talk about a win-win design.


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