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NAMIBIA: Gas cleaning and acid plant construction due in June

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The construction of the million gas-cleaning and sulphuric acid plant at the Tsumeb smelter has reached its final phase. The project which commenced 18 months ago will be the biggest in the country’s mining sector.

Estimated to produce between 270 000 and 340 000 tonnes of acid annually, the gas-cleaning/sulphuric acid plant project will help curb the sulphur dioxide gas released during copper-smelting process.

According to Alina Garises, spokesperson for  the company overseeing the project, “While hundreds of workers are applying finishing touches to all the structural and mechanical aspects of the project, scores of others are focused on installing the last electrical components, cable racks, electronic-monitoring systems and power connections so that pre-commissioning checks can begin.”

Presently, the contractor is undergoing civil construction works to allow installation of a converter, which will convert sulphur dioxide into sulphuric acid. The acid from the gas-cleaning and sulphuric acid plant will be sold to Namibia’s uranium mines for production processing.

By 2016, the country intends to kick off a 250-megawatt gas power plant project in Erongo.

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