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MOROCCO: Government sets aside $US58.9bn for National Water Plan

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Speaking at a forum early this week, Madam Charafat Afilal, Minister of Water and Sanitation; made it known that the national water plan (PNE) will cost a sum of US$58.9 billion. According to the Minister, financial resources for the project will come from the public and private sources.

She added that 41% of the total amount will be channeled towards managing the water demands in the country,  9% of the remaining sum will be allocated to addressing adequate measures of preventing floods in the region, 7% of the money will be used for water desalination purposes, which is the alternative source of water in the country’s National Water Plan.

The project will provide potable water for its citizens, it will also see to the developments of irrigation schemes in the country. However, the date for the commencement of the project is yet to be announced.





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