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Modern Trends in Ceiling Design

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There have been several disruptions in the manufacturing and design industry. Things are changing very fast, and manufacturers are catching up with it.

Suspended ceiling and white ceiling titles are becoming a thing of the past as ceiling designs and materials for both Informal and formal workspaces become more sophisticated.

Clients, as well as manufacturers, are searching for more intriguing ceilings. This is further enhanced by advances in technology.

The design and manufacturing process are tailored towards three main areas — aesthetic appeal, flexibility, and comfort.

Designers are moving towards creating the ideal ceiling with the perfect aesthetic — end-user must be in love with it, and it should be comfortable to stay in.

Here are a couple of ceiling design you should check out.

1. HeartFelt Modular Felt Ceiling System

Created by Hunter Douglas, HeartFelt Modular Felt Ceiling System are ceiling baffles which provides excellent acoustics to any room. They also absorb high frequencies preventing sound reveberations

HeartFelt is one of the trendy ceiling systems due to its cozy appearance. Its aesthetics creates a soothing feeling for the end-user.

The product design is straightforward, the baffles are clipped into metal carriers and suspended from the floor slab or roof structure above. Glues are not used for clipping to ease the deconstruction process at the end of life. This promotes recycling and thus making it an environmentally friendly product.

The baffles typically come in a maximum length of 6000mm with a variety of heights and widths. The baffles also come in five earth tones and seven shades of grey. The absorption value is dependent on the model, but it ranges from 0.45-0.70α. 

2. Tacet

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Tacet is revolutionary product created by Knauf AMF. It is designed with excellent acoustic properties that reduce noise. The Tacet ceiling creates a jointless, homogenous suspended ceiling providing a perfect fit for exposed services and open soffits.

ceiling provides superior comfort, and it also offers a soothing feeling which calms the environment.

Tacet ceiling radiates a remarkable aura that promotes an exciting feeling in the room.

Its sustainability coupled with its exceptional design makes it an ideal fit for people who desire to boost their wellness in the room.

3. Polynode

Polynode from SAS international is an adjustable nodal ceiling system used to create multi-faceted ceiling designs. This polynodal system meets the demand of increasingly varied and complex ceiling surfaces in modern building design.

Simple equilateral triangle tiles can create a near infinite variety of polyhedral ceiling forms. Polynode is a sophisticated and versatile ceiling system that can be tailored to fit your ideal design.

One fascinating benefits of the ceiling system is its flexibility and easy customization feature.

It is designed with a post-installation feature that lets users tailor the ceiling to meet their unique needs. It can also be customized to generate intricate geometric designs.


Things are changing quickly in the manufacturing industry. Designers and end-users are focused on ceiling systems that offer three primary benefits — flexibility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

The modern trends in ceiling designs are paving the way for more intriguing products, and with an increased focus on the acoustic properties, we are sure of having more sophisticated ceiling system for informal and corporate workspaces.

What modern ceiling system trends are you looking out for?

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