Water Pipes, Fittings & Maintenance

Energo Nigeria Limited

Energo Nigeria Ltd. is a private, engineering & contracting company founded in 1990, with registration No. RC 149746.

Years of experience has taught us to be fast and agile, keen and smart to take chances and stand for what we believe in – Create value for all our stakeholders.

Power generation, transmission and distribution, water and wastewater treatment, mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations for all kinds of buildings, construction of buildings and industry technologies are the main fields of activities we are involved in.

Since 1990, responding to the needs of electric-power providers, industries, Government and Public authorities in Nigeria and worldwide, we have carried out numerous services including feasibility studies, project planning, designing, construction, maintenance, commissioning and training of client’s personnel.

Our project managers, along with skilled personnel are involved in every stage of a project and are always available to our customers.

We believe in constant coordination and communication with our clients. It makes us understand them better, see their needs clearer and enable us to serve them better and create more value. This, together with constant improvement of the Company organization, staff knowledge and skills are the basis for obtaining the best results in our projects.

Decades of existence on the Nigerian and world market, long lasting partnership with our clients and business partners are the best proof of remarkable performance and ability to act quickly and adequately on all projects.


Temple Clark Nigeria Limited

We are the premier supplier and distributors of Grundfos market-leading pumps suitable across all market areas for a wide range of applications in Nigeria. Without question these pumps are always optimized for outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and ultimate reliability.

Our pump solutions for industrial Building applications includes, heating system, cold water system, water treatment and water boiler feed.

Wichtech Industries  Limited

Wichtech Industries is the best known company in the group and has a large footprint of 120 offices throughout Nigeria. As an importer and distributor of roofing and plumbing products, the name Wichtech has built its reputation on the quality of its product and service. Supported by national billboard advertising, local TV commercials and backed up by advertising on CNN international, the Wichtech brand has become a household name in middle and upper income circles. Over a period of 10 years,
Wichtech has grown to become an outstanding international partner of stone coated metal roofing supplied by New Zealand’s AHI Roofing Ltd. (gerard-roofs.com), who supply products in over 120 countries worldwide. AHI form part of Fletcher Building Ltd (fletcherbuilding.com), New Zealand’s biggest listed company. Wichtech also provide distribution for AHI in Ghana, Benin and Cameroon.

Belform Nigeria Limited

Belform Nigeria Limited supply a wide range of fire protection systems specific for your demand. We offer a one-stop shop for all kinds of active fighting. We supply systems for all type and size of project. We also supply according to customer demands and standards. We only supply fire fighting and protection equipments from reputatble manufacturers and globally recognized brands example Bristol.

Bristol is one of the first fire fighting companies to recieve the ISO 9001 certification in the Middle East. Since then, they have placed a great emphasis on continued improvement and achieving international approvals on product certification through their product lines such as (Kite mark, LPBC, UL Listing and FM Approval).

Evomec Global Services Limited

EVOMEC Global Services Limited is a leader in multidisciplinary engineering, construction and oil and gas services with unrivaled breadth of expertise to match the scope of our skills and the extent of our services in any project whether on land or at sea.

Our broad range of services are classified into specialized oil and gas services, pipeline construction, industrial maintenance, civil and water engineering. Evomec Global Services Limited can provide award–winning quality for the design, maintenance and rehabilitation of client’s facilities and their effectiveness.

EVOMEC GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous company incorporated in November, 2006.

We offer specialized services to all sector of the environment, including but not limited to Environmental Management, Project Procurement, Leasing of Light/Heavy Duty Equipment, Shoreline Protection, Dredging and other Marine Construction which is the ideal source of our stamina and capacity.


Lilleker Brothers Ltd

Lilleker Brothers Ltd. is a leading engineering company which offers a wide range services incorporating all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering, transmission lines, water treatment and trunk lines, which also includes the construction of buildings and highway maintenance.

Our street lighting is designed on a dedicated power supply which offers our customers safe and regulated lighting which meets international standards. With a dedicated power supply throughout the hours of darkness, we can ensure consistent operation without little chance of power disruptions.

Visit our Services section to view more information about the available services Lilleker Brothers has to offer. You can also find details of our various past projects by either visiting the Sectors section or see below to view the many locations in Nigeria where Lilleker Brothers have provided our experties.