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Maintaining your Roof

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The roof is often a neglected part of a building. Well, probably because it is out of our sight which makes it out of our mind. An average being isn’t going to examine his / her roof daily as is the norm for checking door locks. Here are three reasons to implement a regular roof maintenance program:

1. Warranty: Roof maintenance is most often required to maintain the validity of your roof membrane’s warranty. Always check with your manufacturer and installer for their recommendations and procedures.

2.  Debris: Trees and winds can bring leaves and debris on the roof that can clog drains. They should be swept up on a semi-annual basis, especially before the rainy season.

3.  Mastic: Mastic is an asphalt-based product. These products dry out and/or shrink in the sun and should be reapplied to roof penetrations on a regular basis to maintain a water-tight roof.

Wind and tree branches cause broken roof tiles, they can even damage the roof membrane on a Flat roof if the branches are close enough to the building. Debris on a roof can easily clog drains. Broken and loose clay tiles on a Mansard roof can not only fall and hit a passer-by but are possible sources of water intrusion.

Click for the different types of roofs: 1, 2

NOTE: Regular visits to the top of your roof would bring your attention to damages that need instant repair.

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