Thermal Solutions Limited

Phone No: +256 (0) 393284618; +256 (0) 70222227

THERMAL SOLUTIONS LTD is an established, independent registered company whose objective is to provide a conducive working and living environment to our clients by offering the best quality air conditioning and refrigeration services in the country We have modern efficient air conditioning and refrigeration equipment which assures quality wherever it is needed. The company boasts of technically qualified, experienced, competent and well motivated staff that is ready to meet your time to time demands promptly. The changing demands and stiff competition in global business imply that offering quality work is essential to successfully dealing with the challenges that lie ahead. We are here by proud of our flexibility and readiness to adapt and apply new and innovative solutions to meet unending demands of our numerous clients. This whole perspective drives us forward and enhances the provision of quality services to meet our clients’ expectations.

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