Tempohousing Nigeria

Tempohousing Nigeria
Phone No: +234 908 206 5362
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Tempohousing is a true pioneer in the use of ISO shipping container frames as a basis for modular homes. Tempohousing Nigeria has been incorporated to meet the demand for affordable housing in Nigeria. Tempohousing Nigeria (“THN”) is a leader in alternative construction. THN aims to service the student housing, staff housing and ultimately the residential sectors.Tempohousing Nigeria is a joint venture between Tempohousing Global and Ampersam Network Associates. Tempohousing Nigeria was set up to focus on three main markets; the staff housing market (for Oil & Gas, mining and infrastructure concerns), student housing market and the residential market. The versatility of the solution allows it to engage in a plethora of other markets. THN has leveraged decades of technology pioneered In Amsterdam and tailored the solution for the housing crisis in Nigeria and West Africa. Our solution is quick to build, easy to maintain, fire proof, sound proof and most importantly affordable. We aim to deliver a 30 percent minimal cost saving on same structure built using conventional concrete. Cost savings delivered through time saved on building ensure our clients save on financing and development costs. Tempohousing Units have been supplied and are used in the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Croatia, Japan, as well as hotter climates of Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Brazil. Each unit is carefully modified using a well tested system to ensure hotter climates are adequately catered for. Our team consists of experienced architects, engineers and project managers with technical supervision from our Holland hob on all projects.

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