Swisstrade Securities Limited

Swisstrade Securities Limited
Phone No: +234 1 4617700-2, 0803 981 30 20; 0803 980 56 29; 0803 313 45 93
Instagram: swisstradenigerialtd

Swisstrade is the world’s number one armoured Steel Security door company with an eye on quality. Our giant leap to the top in armoured steel door manufacturing became an immediate success with great satisfaction from the public and consumers alike, who having studied the foundational and operational principle of the company, vouched for its ability to assess the needs of the market and its capacity to produce doors of the highest quality in accordance with international standards. The operational principle of “QUALITY FIRST” has been a guiding tool in our campaign for state-of-the-art technology in armored state security door production that remains tightly knitted, as we apply quality control system right from raw material selection through all the stages of production and finally during delivery. This system enables us to very reasonably avoid defects in any of our doors. SWISSTRADE Doors is certified by international quality and standards organizations from production through to assembling and delivery.,

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