Play In Architecture Limited

Play In Architecture Limited
Phone No: +234 (0)8167279532, +234 (0)9083435980
Instagram: playinarchitecture

PLAY is a Design/Build Firm that has been pushing the boundaries of Architecture by creating a lot of innovative and breath-taking masterpieces. We are ARCHITECTS THAT BUILD. We do not simply design and leave our clients confused about how to translate our Architectural design to reality., We take Projects from conceptual sketches to 3D design, translate to Architectural models, and then to the Construction Site by our specially trained team. We work closely with our clients to ensure their desires and needs are met., Most of our works are in residential architecture and have featured in both Private Residences and on various Real Estate platforms., PLAY is the most common word used in Architecture. We Play with lights, we Play with levels, we Play with windows, we Play with space, we Play with staircases, we Play with everything., At PLAY, we don’t say How’s work? we say How’s Play? For us, we simply love and have a passion for designing and building. This passion is revealed in our ever-improving projects which we call PLAY BOXES.,

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