KOA Consultants Limited

KOA Consultants Ltd (formerly known as Kunle Ogunbayo and Associates) is an independent firm of Multi-disciplinary Consultants engaged in the provision of Consultancy Services to Clients in the private and public sectors of the community. We are independent because we are not committed to the deliveries and commercial interests of Third Parties. Our Consultancy Services are exclusively paid for by the Client and/or financing agency and as such, our primary obligation is to our Client. The advice we give to our Clients is designed to produce an economic solution to his problems. We support their interests and commit ourselves as partners and advisers to them in order to fully justify the trust reposed in us. Unless specifically required by the Client, we plan and advise completely independent of any particular equipment manufacturer or supplier. This means that for each project, we are able to advise our Client according to the latest technical developments, while at the same time, ensuring that only proven techniques, which are not at an experimental or developmental stage, are specified. At all stages we are constantly aware of the often conflicting requirements of investment costs, running costs, the use of the latest technical developments and the need to have a visually pleasing and aesthetic installation. Our experiences, gathered over the years, enable us to advise our Clients right from the initial conception of a project, feasibility studies through the design stages to completion and commissioning. Being a multi-disciplinary firm, we are able to offer a total Consultancy package to our Clients. This has the added advantage of a closely coordinated solution to problems and the benefits derivable from a large pool of Specialists in a large variety of professional fields.

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