Integrated Aluminium and Metal Company ltd

Integrated Aluminium and Metal Company ltd was incorporated on the 24th of June 2002 with the objective of manufacturing and marketing high quality aluminium products and services. From a single roofing production line commissioned in Abuja in November, 2003, the company has added 3 additional Rollforming lines for roof production located in Lagos (1line) and Port Harcourt (2lines). A fourth line dedicated to Roof step-tile production is scheduled to be commissioned at the Port Harcourt factory by the 15th of October 2006 to meet existing market demand for Step-Tiles. The company is currently constructing the first phase of an Ultra-modern integrated aluminium complex at the Idu Industrial layout, Abuja. The first phase will be completed by the end of December, 2006.  Current installed production capacity for the Roof line stands at 7,200 tonnes of Aluminium per annum.  The company also has a Windows and Doors fabricating plant located at its Lagos factory. In November 2004, the company entered into a strategic partnership with AGI Solutions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s leading aluminium systems provider to offer high-end aluminium Windows, Doors and Curtain walling systems into the Nigerian market. The company was granted a Bona Fide Manufacturer status by the Federal Ministry of Finance in 2004 and enjoyed the duty rebates and benefits attached to that status until the scheme was discontinued. The company’s strategically located factories in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt enables it to effectively serve the three major Aluminium, and indeed Real Estate, markets in Nigeria.,

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