HAM & A Security Services Limited

Phone No: +234 (0)810 304 7304; +234 (0)809 387 6810

HAM & A Security Services is a provider of wireless security solutions, Industrial & Domestic CCTV systems, Electric Perimeter fence, burglar alarms, motion sensors, bullet proof vests, tactical vests, stun guns, pepper sprays, handcuffs, alarm padlocks, door bell cameras, taser guns, gas masks, body guards, event security and bouncers. Our state of the art home security systems include; wireless home alarm systems, intercom systems, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. We are very pleased to inform you about our broad range of unparalleled Security Gadgets which are available for your safety and security needs because your safety is our priority. Rather than rely on manpower alone to keep locations safe, smoke alarms, wireless security systems, Electric fence Systems and other important security gadgets are gaining popularity. All these have come to replace the high salary demands and the corrupt nature of night guards. Guess what! What seems to be impossible in Nigeria is now possible. Ham & A Gadgets provides a number of safety, security and surveillance equipments which have been tested to meet specific security needs of individuals and organizations at an unbelievably affordable price. We have conducted various meetings with the Police command and we have both joined hands to work together to combat crime in the country.,

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