Dys Trocca Valsesia & Co. LTD

Phone No: +234 (0)1 5872174; +234(0)1 7732198

DTV has delivered high quality services for over 55years, meeting all requirements of both Public and Private Clients. We have evolved into one of the largest and most respected construction organizations in Nigeria. At DTV, we deliver quality projects safely, on time and on budget irrespective of the complexity of the project due to the competence and dedication of our highly skilled team. DTV is justly proud of the result achieved in the realization of building complexes for offices, blocks of flats, and big construction projects extending over a vast area. DTV has specialized in working with big industrial groups, private and public companies, providing the project and often the furnishing. The realization of office blocks, next to residential areas, requires a deep understanding of structural and environmental differences, and the putting into effect of this understanding by means of a correct project and its application. This has been the method used by of company from its foundation, refined in time applying the experience gain in this country. DTV knows that the construction of office blocks and company head quarters implies an image of both DTV and its clients, and every care is taken to assure a perfect realization. Nothing is left to chance, the details are of great importance.

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