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Landscape Architecture- More than just Gardening

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Landscape Architecture is an extraordinary blend of science and art, proposition and thought. The land is the canvas, the landscape design is the paint or drawing medium used on the canvas to create the composition and the Landscape Architect is the artist. Most people are yet to fully appreciate the practice as an important entity in the environment. The job of a Landscape Architect  is however more than beautifying unused space with grass, flowers and a few trees for shade. Continue reading for the job description…

1. Site Analysis: It involves determining location and access of the site from the main road, the soil type, drainage, climate of the area, socio-economic viability of activities, existing plants and any animal habitats, ecology and sustainability of the environment.

2. Grading: Calculating, creating and manipulating the land to the necessary levels and desired views for the roads, paths, buildings, lawns…

3. Planting design, plant palette and plant selection: The plants placement have to be designed to be aesthetic as well as functional.The type of grasses, plants and trees to be planted  have to be compatible with the environment.

4. Water reticulation: Establishing a system of of irrigation, with special considerations for recycling and re-using.

5. Lighting: Lighting of roads and paths for illumination, security as well as aesthetics. The source has to be determined- be it from solar power, photovoltaic cells or the main grid.

6. Landscape structures: Designing structures such as gazebos and arbors for shade/shelter, sitting areas.


Landscape Architecture also entails:

  • Site Planning
  • Urban Design and Planning
  • Recreational Planning: Parks, gardens and cemeteries
  • Ecological and Sustainable development
  • Water front development
  • Conservation of natural and historic landscapes
  • Storm water management, Reservoirs, Dams and Wetland restoration
  • Land Use Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits




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