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Landscape Architecture Is Rising In Africa

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African countries are among the fastest growing in the world, in 2010 five African countries were included in the top ten countries with the fastest growing economies. Ten are the forecast to be in the top ten growing economy by 2017.

There are RISING opportunities for landscape architects to influence built and natural environment in a large scale in Africa. In certain countries suitable political and social-economic conditions provide opportunities for development and for land planning or landscape architectural professionals.


Freedom Park


The Freedom Park was born as a national and international icon of humanity and freedom. For the diverse people of South Africa and the world to understand and appreciate the country’s struggle for liberation. The Freedom Park, with its Garden of Remembrance, is located on a 52-hectare site on Salvokop Hill at the entrance into Tshwane (Pretoria) from Johannesburg.

Mapungubwe National Park, South Africa


This is the landscape of the Mapungubwe National Park, classified as a World Heritage Site because of the important archaeological discoveries made here. Graves containing artefacts from the 9th to 12th centuries indicate that the site was occupied by traders with Egypt, Persia, India, Malaysia and China.

Dube Square | Durban South Africa


Dube Square is a unique example of landscape architecture – boldly bringing together the design of public space, the design of an iconic outdoor structure and the design sculptural, water and visual elements to create a memorable outdoor space.


In the early 1990’s Hitesh Mehta, developed an interest in the relationship between landscape architecture, local community benefits and tourism. His focus in landscape architecture shifted to fragile natural areas where tourism was uncontrolled and he led the way in developing the new planning diadigms to protect the sanctity of those places.

His approach includes:

  • Holism-triangles among human, flora and fauna.
  • Quadruple bottom line– financial, social, environmental, and spiritual.



Landscape Architecture rising in Africa


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  1. I completely agree with the theory of using landscape architecture as a tourist attraction in Africa. Income is continously generated from places like Dubai, England, China etc mostly because of their superb landscape and geometrically appealing structures.

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