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Kenya: National Power Company to upgrade street lights in Nairobi

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Kenya Power- the nation’s utility company has commenced the upgrade of 4,200 street lights to help transform Nairobi into a 24-hour economy and also save on the costs of energy. Ben Chumo, Managing Director of the company stated that teams have been put in place to speed up the project. The project will involve improving the lights from the present high pressure sodium (yellow lights) to light-emitting diodes (LED).

“Business transactions are restricted to daytime hours due to poor lighting at night but the government’s objective is to facilitate provision of sustainable, efficient and effective public lighting. We have mobilized technical teams to fast track the rehabilitation of Street light within the CBD.” Chumo said.

In just a couple of days, the team has been able to improve the lighting on 275 streets in the city. Other counties will not be left out as similar projects will be carried out after Nairobi is fully equipped and upgraded.

This project is funded with the US$458 loan obtained from the World Bank. The loan will also cover upcoming power-related projects.

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