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KENYA: Kipevu Oil Terminal to give way to a new terminal by 2017

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Niras, an engineering firm based in Denmark has been awarded a contract by the Kenya Ports Authority for the design of a new oil terminal. It will replace the existing Kipevu Oil Terminal (KOT). Upon completion of the design stage of the project, another firm will commence the construction of the terminal at a cost of US$ 120m.

Niras is expected to design the new terminal at a cost of US$ 1.7m. The firm will also be in charge of supervising the construction works of the project. The new oil terminal will be four times larger than KOT, which will be shut down once the construction of the new one has been completed. The new terminal will be built at a new location and will be able to accommodate four ships, as against the KOT which caters for just one ship.

The aim of this project is to meet the growing demand for petroleum products in the region. This will also improve capacity and efficiency and allow offloading of tankers with a capacity of 200,000 metric tonnes.

Kipevu Oil Terminal is currently the country’s primary facility receiving imported refined petroleum products. Its current capacity is not adequate to meet regional demand for petroleum products estimated at 450 million liters monthly. KOT serves its host country: Kenya as well as other neighbouring land-locked countries in East and Central Africa.

The new terminal is expected to be ready for use 2017.

Source: ConstructionReviewOnline

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