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Interesting Facts about Timber Frames

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Timber frames are built with a wide variety of woods that are minimally processed. Douglas-Fir is very prominent, but cedar, pine, spruce, hemlock, and many other varieties are used as well. Decisions should be based on availability, aesthetics, and the design of the timber frame. Timber frames are fire resistant and can be designed in any style: a Tudor (half timbered home), bungalow, lodge, farmhouse or a contemporary home. Windows can be a large part of any timber frame structure. Since the load is carried by the timber frame itself, windows can be placed almost anywhere.



Timber frame homes are less affected by heat if they are wrapped in energy efficient structural insulated panels. The terms timber frame, post and beam are often used interchangeably. Timber frames however tend to refer to mortise and tenon joined timbers, while post and beam can refer to timbers joined with metal fasteners. Studies have shown timber frames to have structural benefits that withstand seismic activity better than other types of construction. They are raised and stand alone and are structurally sound with our without enclosure systems, this enables maximum flexibility in design. They allow easier renovation and remodeling, if needed.










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