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Ideal Deck Railing Systems

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Railings put the finishing touch on any new or existing home deck. The type of deck and railing material that is suitable for most designs will depend upon what feature is most important to you. Deck railing can be added for decoration, privacy or safety reasons. There are several railing types and materials to choose from; they vary from simple wooden rails to complete walls. Continue reading:

Straight Wood:  This standard wood deck railing features plain balusters placed at 4- to 6-inch intervals. It’s mostly made in cedar and redwood but can be purchased in other wood types. While it lacks detail, it serves as a protective border.

Straight wood railing

Turned Wood: A wood deck embellished with a turned wood railing can enhance a home. Rail posts and balusters can be custom carved to accent your home’s unusual exterior architecture.

Turned wood railing


Glass: Using glass railing is an interesting choice that wonderfully preserves views. However, glass is very expensive and is only used in selected positions. All glass used for deck rails must be safety tempered and shatter resistant. Installing glass rails will usually require you to build the rail frame first and take precise measurements to custom order the tempered safety glass. This railing is an option well suited for a contemporary home.

Glass railing


Composite: A composite railing made of vinyl is an affordable, low-maintenance option as it does not need periodic sanding and painting like wood railing requires. Composite railing is usually available in various, though limited, colors.Since manufacturing and disposing of the product releases toxic chemicals into the waste stream, it’s not an environmentally-friendly railing option.

Composite railing








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