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How to put Pebbles on Cement Steps

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Things needed:

Dust mask, wheelbarrow, white sand, cement, water, garden hoe, trowel or wooden plank, pebbles, soft-britled brush, rubber mallet, bucket, hose with misting.


1. Prepare pebble paver mix: Combine four parts white sand with one part cement in the wheelbarrow, and then mix. Add very small amounts of water when necessary to keep the cement damp. The final consistency should be crumbly.

2. Lay paving mixture: Using a trowel, lay paving mixture of about 3/4-inch thick over each cement step. A wooden plank can also be used to evenly spread the fresh cement.

3. Lay the pebbles: Dust the pebbles very lightly with a soft-bristled brush to help remove any loose dirt and dust and lay on the cement in any desired pattern.

4. Tapping: Carefully place the wood float over one section of pebbles, tap the float up and down with the mallet to force the pebbles into the cement. Continue this along each step until all of the pebbles have been pushed in.

5. Prepare the slurry mix: Mix a small amount of cement and a larger amount of water together with the garden hoe. The consistency should be very milky and opaque.

6. Pour the slurry: Pout the slurry over the pebbles, and allow to set for about one hour. Turn the hose nozzle and gently spray the excess slurry off the pebble beds.

source: eHOW

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